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historically restored 100-yr old COTTAGE

Maintaining the "feel" of an original 1915 railroad engineer's cottage, this home was completely restored and updated with modern conveniences.

Historical duplex turned family-style home

This charming home was once a duplex during the railroad boom in Anchorage. With renovations and remodeling, the structure is now a beautiful family-size house.

Customer-Specific Detailing

Every project is designed together with the customer to make specifically unique homes. Sink was was locally built with customer-chosen materials and "cave" shower with double heads.

1997 life magazine dream home with color-blocking

This home was built using the plans from the "Dream Home" published in a 1997 edition of Life Magazine.

Beautifully built exterior with Modern living kitchen

Wonderfully balanced exterior creates warm, inviting interior.

AFter: Updated outer shell of home

With an entire wall of window detailing, this home was completely made over from the outside. The remodeling included a modern style of blocked windows and craftsman style porch.

Before and after


The original garage placement is one of the only visible features remaining after this intensive remodel.